Client Comments

A selection of feedback from people who have participated in the counselling, training, and coaching.

  • Lucy teaches not only what we all “need” to know, but without even knowing it we learn what we “want” to know.

Janice J., Vancouver, B.C.

It was beautiful and reassuring that we are responsible for who we are. The world is how we look at it, from our own perspective. Choice Theory has provided me with an option to broaden my horizon. Thank you.

Anonymous, Vancouver, B.C.

The Basic Week was both a relief and an empowerment to me. Not only was I freed from stifling beliefs, but I was also shown my own power. I definitely feel that my life is already beginning to change as a result of this workshop.

Anissa, Vancouver, B.C.

Lucy presents a very informative and practical application of simple techniques based on innate human goodness.

S.B., North Vancouver, B.C.

This course helped me put into words many concepts I already use as a social worker. I am excited to incorporate the knowledge I gained this week and will use this new information with my clients and colleagues.

A. H., Coquitlam, B.C.

The Basic Week was a great introduction to Glasser’s Choice Theory & Reality Therapy. In our class we had a great group of people from all over the world whom I came to know and truly appreciate through their Quality World. The Quality World is a great way to connect with others and I feel so fortunate to have learned how to uncover it.

Colette Kenney, Calgary, Alberta

Participating in the Basic Week with Lucy has been very self-motivating. Even though I came here for work purposes my personal life has benefited immensely.

Lisa, Newcastle, Australia

Lucy brings an open, energetic approach to her teaching of Choice Theory & Reality Therapy. The course was inspirational. Her experience is deep and graciously shared

Fred Gronlund, Delta, BC

Taking this course has probably impacted every aspect of my life. I believe that I am now a more effective counsellor, wife, sister and daughter. A great learning experience!

R.G. Vancouver. BC

Lucy’s training was excellent. Through multiple methods of presentation: lecture, discussion, video, reflection, writing and role-play, Lucy has provided me with an overview of Choice Theory that will be beneficial to my work as a teacher and coach.

L., East Kootenay