Client Comments

A selection of feedback from people who have participated in the counselling, training, and coaching.

Well organized and interactive course. I had many opportunities to learn and practice new skills with others. More importantly I learned how to apply these new skills in the workplace.

K. Joe, Merritt

My first thought when attending the Glasser Basic Intensive Training was to help me become a better counsellor and manager. I was pleasantly surprised when the real gift was to understand how to become a better me. Thank you Lucy.

Brenda Kmety, Vancouver, BC

I have always wondered why people behave the way they do. Choice Theory & Reality Therapy provides insight into the choices we make and how we can make choices that will satisfy our needs. Choice Theory and Reality Therapy has allowed me to get back on track and act on life as opposed to react. Thank you for your guidance Lucy, you are a great teacher.

P. F. Vancouver, BC