A Professional Development Opportunity you Won’t Want to Miss



Lucy Scott – Reality Counselling, Coaching, and Workshops in Greater Vancouver, BC

Are You Interested In…

  • Learning a cohesive approach when dealing with behaviour and interpersonal relationships?
  • Understanding why people behave the way they do?
  • Understanding how to reduce life’s stresses?
  • Becoming a more effective problem solver?
  • Learning how to revitalize relationships both in your professional and personal life?
  • Learning how to improve your questioning skills?
  • Learning new classroom management skills?
  • Acquiring new tools to create a non-coercive work place?

…then a Glasser Basic Intensive Training is for You


Led by Lucy Scott, Senior Faculty

  • Dates: TBD – email lscott@realitycounselling.ca for details
  • Cost – $535.00 includes all materials
  • Location – North Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Cancellation Policy – Withdraw 2 weeks prior to the first day for a full refund
  • This Glasser Basic Intensive Week Training is conducted under the auspices of Glasser Canada.
  • Lucy teaches not only what we all “need” to know, but without even knowing it we learn what we “want” to know.

Janice J., Vancouver, B.C.

It was beautiful and reassuring that we are responsible for who we are. The world is how we look at it, from our own perspective. Choice Theory has provided me with an option to broaden my horizon. Thank you.

Anonymous, Vancouver, B.C.